The temple’s Dharma School is in session during the academic school year from September to June and welcomes students from pre-K to the 8th grade. Students learn lessons on Jodo Shinshu Buddhism through crafts, stories, and activities. Dharma School teachers are volunteers from the temple. Classes are held on Sundays when the students are dismissed to class during the dharma talk for the adults. Depending on the number of students, classes may be divided by grade levels. Oftentimes, grade levels are combined. 

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Dharma School Class

In addition to the weekly classes, the Dharma School goes on an annual field trip. Past field trips include visits to the Western Railway Museum, USS Hornet, Oakland fire station, Oakland Museum, Chabot Space & Science Center, Lawrence Hall of Science, and the Oakland Zoo.

USS Hornet Field Trip

The Dharma School students perform a skit during the Hanamatsuri Service and perform songs during the annual Keirokai Luncheon.

Hanamatsuri Skit

The Dharma School hosts parties during the year including Halloween, Bodhi Day, and at the end of the school year.

Halloween Participants

While Dharma School is not in session during the summer break, the Dharma School provides games and activities for the youth during the temple’s annual summer picnic.

Games at the Temple Picnic

For more information about the temple’s Dharma School, please contact the temple office.

Note: While the temple is closed due to the pandemic, Dharma School classes are being held weekly via Zoom at 11:00 a.m.