Wish for Children

By Ryoko Osa

What do you wish for your children?  It probably varies from family to family. I have two children and scold them every single day.  “Take a bath!” “Do your home work!” And so on. They may think that these are my real wishes as their mother.  But I would like to tell you my true wish as their mother.

To my children:

Sometimes you feel that life is boring or has no purpose. But I hope you try very hard for at least one thing, even if it’s not successful and becomes a tough experience. Any experience you have makes you aware that you are alive.

When Shakyamuni Buddha was born, he said, “Between heaven and earth, I alone am the honored One.” To me, I want you to know that you also are honored. The reason you are honored is not that you are good at something, or that you listen to your parents. You are honored because you are living a precious life which is beyond your power. And if you really think you are honored, you will be able to think the same about others.

If you are sad because you feel powerless, please think in this way. You are born in this world without you asking, through an inconceivable power. And you were helped and raised by many people.

If you think your life and your power are limited, please think this way. Your life is limitless, although you cannot see it. Life is totally beyond your power.

Please be aware that you have a precious opportunity to live. We have been raised and nurtured by everything and everyone around us. If you understand this, then you will take care of yourself and others. I hope you feel that, “I am so grateful to live in this world” and that, “Life is wonderful.” This is a mother’s wish.

I admit, it’s hard for me, all the time, to feel and live by these words, but at least I want my children to know this wish. I am just a noisy mother.  That’s why I need the Buddhist teachings as my guide. (2014)